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Diana Todorova had the honor of being commissioned to photograph the newly prestigious Maxwell Social Club in Tribeca, New York City. This exclusive social club, known for its sophisticated ambiance and eclectic design, offers a unique gathering space for its distinguished members. The Maxwell Social Club boasts an interior adorned with luxurious, eclectic furniture provided by Arhaus, creating an environment of unparalleled elegance and comfort.

During the photoshoot, Diana and her team meticulously captured the essence of the club's interior design, highlighting the intricate details and craftsmanship of the Arhaus furnishings. The stunning visuals not only showcase the club's opulent atmosphere but also reflect the creativity and sophistication of its design.

Diana Todorova's exceptional work at Maxwell Social Club garnered significant attention and was proudly featured in Elle Decor magazine, further establishing her reputation as a leading photographer in the realm of interior design and architectural photography. Explore our portfolio to see more of Diana's high-end projects and discover why she is the top choice for capturing luxury spaces across the United States.

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