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Miami’s Artistic Garage Buildings Photoshoot

Miami is known for its vibrant and colorful culture, making it the perfect city for architectural photography. An area you might not think to look for said vibrancy and culture? A parking garage! As part of a new project from Dacra Development CEO Craig Robins, Museum Garage was unveiled as a gorgeous and unusual departure on your standard parking garage aesthetics.

Museum Garage’s is a seven story project with multiple different facades that have been created by 5 different architecture firms. The unique project was designed in a way that each firm would have no knowledge of the other firm's works, where their art would be placed on the building, or which other firm's art their creation would be placed next to, creating a stunningly random yet intentional effect.

The facades titled XOX and Ant Farm blend together into a unique aesthetic. The familiar hot pink that is a staple of Miami life and culture can be seen in the ant farm portion of the building, guiding people through different paths, while the XOX display creates a visual puzzle with an automotive twist.

The Barricades facade takes the concept of traffic barriers and creates a striking urban landscape. The barricades are contrasted by all-white protrusions that house lush green plants, drawing the viewer’s attention to its vibrant colors and shapes.

One of the more visually obvious facades is the one titled Urban Jam, which showcases a wall of metallic vehicles arranged to form a traffic jam of sorts. From a photography standpoint this portion of the wall is quite a visual spectacle, and the different viewpoints offer you a slightly different perspective on a one-of-a-kind display.

The final portion of the building is a display titled Serious Play, and is probably the closest to a graffiti style art display. With an unusual combination of anime vibes and European baroque paintings, Serious Play makes for some wonderful viewing and incredible picture opportunities.

Museum Garage isn’t just for show either – Craig Robins and Dacra Development hope that it serves as a model for how parking garages can be used in cities to create monumental public art. After all, these garages are often existing structures located in the heart of cities, and why not turn them into something beautiful?

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