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Photoshoot of Maxwell Social - The New Chic Club in Tribeca. Interior Design Photoshoot in NYC.

Updated: May 15, 2023

A few months ago, I had the privilege to venture to New York City, to capture the spirit of this new social club nestled in the heart of Tribeca. The assignment was to communicate the unique vibe of this space through my lens, focusing on interior design and highlighting the furniture in the most authentic way. The Photoshoot was featured in ELLE DECOR. Check out the article here.

The furniture, supplied by Arhaus, was both comfortable (Yes, I tested some of those beautiful sofas) and stylish. Each piece had its personality, adding depth to the overall design narrative. From the plush sofas to the polished tables, every piece was a testament to Arhaus's commitment to quality and design.

The interior designer behind this project was the talented Kyi Gyaw.

Her touch was evident in the harmonious blend of colors, textures, and styles, turning the venue into a vibrant social hub. The walls were adorned with mural wallpapers from Gracie, adding a layer of sophistication to the ambiance.

One of the defining features of this space was the dramatic chandeliers designed by Mollie Nitzken of Slightly East. These statement pieces hung majestically in various rooms, each one a work of art that added to the overall design narrative. Their intricate designs and striking presence brought a layer of grandeur to the space.

This interior photoshoot in New York was not just about capturing static images; it was about breathing life into the space. To accomplish this, I utilized my Profoto B10 Plus

strobe lights to create accent lighting. This technique helped me accentuate the details in the furniture, the texture of the wallpapers, and the beauty of the chandeliers. The result was an intimate and inviting representation of the space with a moody light, mimicking the feel of a cozy evening at the club.

Let's take a virtual tour of the space, starting with the main seating area. With its elegant furniture, the area had a welcoming feel. The accent lighting created a gentle play of shadows and highlights, giving the room an intimate, cozy vibe.

Next, we moved to the kitchen. The modern, sleek design was complemented by warm lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere. The strategically placed strobe lights highlighted the textures and tones of the kitchen fixtures, adding depth to the scene.

The lounge area was a testament to the power of dramatic photography lighting. The moody feel was achieved by strategically placing the strobe lights to create deep shadows and bold highlights. The result was an image that invited viewers to sink into the leather sofa and lose themselves in the relaxed atmosphere.

This interior photoshoot in New York, was a chance to create visual narratives that encapsulate the club's unique vibe. This project has cemented my belief in the power of photography to communicate the spirit of a space, especially when armed with the right tools and a creative mindset.

Remember, each location has a story, waiting to be told through the lens of a camera. So, next time you're in New York, why not drop by Maxwell Social and experience the magic for yourself?

Diana Todorova

Interior and Architectural Photographer


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